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Free Herbs At A Glance EbookHerbs have been used for a huge variety of reasons. While most use herbs to flavor food; a number of people use them for medical reasons. In fact, some herbs have been broken down to their barest components and used in medicine.

The National Institutes of Health wants to educate the public on the herbs we use in everyday life. They are offering a free ebook, Herbs At A Glance. This ebook covers well-known herbs, such as aloe vera, cinnamon, and St. John’s Wort, and a few lesser-known ones, such as turmeric, European mistletoe, and valerian.

To get this free ebook, there are no forms to fill out. That’s my kind of free! All you have to do is click which version of the ebook you would prefer. If you want a PDF version, or a kindle ebook, just make your selection and follow your computer’s or browser’s instructions for downloading.

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