Free Whole Wheat Baking Book

Free Whole Wheat Baking BookIf you are switching to baking using whole wheat flour, you might want the free Whole Wheat Baking recipe book. It is filled with recipes such as whole wheat buttermilk pancakes, cheese ‘n onion drop biscuits, and peanut butter crunch bars. The makers of Gold Medal are offering this freebie.

Getting your free Whole Wheat Baking recipe book is very easy. Well, it is if you follow my suggestions. When you click to get the free ebook, it takes you right there. You can look through it. If you would like a hard copy, Gold Medal offers two ways to get that.

First, when you choose to save a copy, you get the option to download an executable. This is like running a program. But there is another option. You download the Whole Wheat Baking recipe book as a pdf file. The executable will actually download right away. You can just delete it when it’s done or cancel it while it is downloading. If you click to download the pdf file, that will also begin to download once you click. Once you do either, you are all set.

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