Free Duraco Tape Samples

Free Duraco Tape SamplesThere comes a time when you need to use a tape that’s stronger than what you have. Duraco offers a huge variety of tape that will help your office or business meet the demands of shipping. They are offering free tape samples to help you decide.

First, click a product. Then select the tape samples you would like to get. I don’t know how many you can receive at once. I ordered three different types. One of those I ordered two. When selecting the free sample, make sure you select the “Try” button. Careful which you choose, some of the samples are not free. Once you are done with your selections, create an account.

You must include a company name and phone number as well as your name, mailing information and email address. You can also request how you want to correspond before submitting. Submit the information. Then go back to your shopping cart. Complete the checkout by entering your shipping information. Check the box to agree to the terms and conditions.  After doing that, you will get a reference number. You should receive your free Duraco Tape samples in 5-10 business days.

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