Free Pens From Doug’s Pens

Free Pens From Doug's PensWhether you’re a pen collector or just someone who enjoys trying new pens, Doug’s Pens is giving away free samples of the new Papermate InkJoy retractable pens or the Javalina pen (your choice).

The InkJoy retractable is a quick-drying gel pen that is available in a variety of colors, and it writes in the color of the pen. For instance, if you request a green pen, the ink color will be green. The colors available to choose from are orange, turquoise, red, lime green, purple, green, blue or black.

If you’re not a fan of any gel pen, the Javalina may be the better choice for you. It writes smooth and is comfortable to hold.

To get a free Papermate InkJoy or Javalina pen, enter your information into the free sample request form located on the right side of the linked web page. When you arrive at the “comments” box, enter the brand of pen you want along with the color.

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