Free Static Cleaning Brush

Free Static Cleaning BrushFinewest Modular offers high quality used furniture at low prices to businesses of all sizes. They provide a catalog to give you an idea of everything they offer. You can request the free catalog, and they’ll ship it to your home or business. Along with the catalog, you’ll receive a free rubber static cleaning brush.

To request the free catalog and brush, fill out the short form on Finewest Modular’s website. After you enter your information, click the “request a catalog” button. From there you’ll be directed to the Thank You page. Also, another small window will pop up. It states that if you participate in a survey you’ll receive their free catalog, static brush and another surprise gift sooner (in one week). I went ahead and clicked to take the survey, and when I did, I was promised a free gift card after my participation in the survey. I had to enter my email to continue, so I did. On the next page, I was asked for more personal information, including a mobile phone number, and the mobile phone number was required. That’s where I exited the window and chose not to go any further. I’ll just wait longer to see if I do receive the free static cleaning brush and catalog.

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