Free Viora Lids

Free Viora LidsGive your customers a better lid for their to-go coffee. So what’s a better lid? The Viora lids!

Viora’s lids offer a more comfortable and natural feel, and unlike most other lids for to-go coffee cups, if the coffee happens to splash out from the lid, rather than the coffee getting on your customers’ clothes, skin or etc., Viora lids are designed so the coffee splashes back into the cup. However, that is if the coffee actually does escape, because Viora lids are made to reduce splashing.

If you’d like to test these lids to see if they really are better than the brand you’re currently using, click the “get freebie” button below, and then click the “order” link at the top of the Viora Lids website to discover how you can request 10 free Viora lids.

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