Free DVD From Bountea

Free DVD From BounteaThis is a great freebie for both the expert gardener and the novice. Bountea is giving away a free DVD about soil. Whether you want to get a better idea about starting a garden or learn something new to help you get the best out of your soil, you will want to get this. You also get Bountea’s catalog.

To get your free DVD from Bountea, fill in the form. If you have an automated way to fill out the form, it won’t work. Enter your name, mailing information and an email address. A phone number is required. When I entered just the numbers, it came up invalid. When I entered the numbers and dashes, it came up invalid. Next I entered with the parentheses and dashes, and that also came up invalid. I entered a different number. By mistake, I left out a number. That worked! They only want 9 digits.

If you submit the form as is, and you used your real phone number and figured out a way to make the number valid, then you will be contacted. Change the comment to something else before you submit. But you must leave a comment. Enter the CAPTCHA code. Submit the form. The next page just thanks you for contacting them. There is no mention of when you will receive your free DVD from Bountea.

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