Free 3D Bracelet

Free 3D Bracelet Made With Code is offering free 3D bracelets that can be customized using your own message, and you can choose the color you like best. The bracelets will be printed on a 3D printer and shipped to you.

To create your own 3D bracelet, scroll down the page a little ways, and underneath the video you’ll see instructions for making your own 3D printed bracelet. Under instruction number one, click the “made with code” link. A new window/tab will open.

Scroll down again until you see the pink “code a bracelet” button. Click on the button, and then click the “okay, let’s get started” button. Follow the on-screen instructions to customize your own 3D bracelet.

When you’re finished customizing your bracelet, click the “done” button in the upper right corner. Then click the “print free with Shapeways” button and enter your birthdate. Click “next.” Finally, fill out the form with your email, name and mailing address.

The free 3D bracelet that you created should arrive in your postal mailbox within 3-4 weeks.

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