Free Jay Mafia T-Shirt

Free Jay Mafia T-ShirtI think getting free clothes is one of the best things to receive. Jay Mafia is offering a free t-shirt. Who or what is Jay Mafia? He’s a rapper from Dallas, Texas. So if you are into rap, head over and get this free t-shirt. If you just want a free t-shirt and don’t care what it says, head over and sign up for your free t-shirt.

Fill out the form. Enter your name and mailing information. Also include your email address. Choose your size. If you are female and would like a fitted shirt to show off your curves, check the box.

If you want a free CD of Jay Mafia’s music, make your selection. Otherwise, submit your information. You should receive your free Jay Mafia t-shirt in 5-7 business days.

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