Free $5 Gift Card From Wendy’s

Free $5 Gift Card From Wendy'sWendy’s is currently offering a new Crispy Dill Chicken Sandwich on their menu, and they’d like to know the public’s opinion about the new sandwich. You can give your opinion by participating in a short survey. As a thank you for your time and participation, Wendy’s will give you a free $5 gift card.

To begin the survey, you’ll need this login code: dill. Enter that code, and then click the “submit” button. You’ll then be directed to the survey. First, you will need to enter the survey ID number, and that number is 8309465. After you enter the survey ID number, you’ll be asked if you purchased the new Crispy Dill Chicken Sandwich from Wendy’s, and then you must enter the date (month and day) that you purchased the sandwich. To qualify for the survey and free $5 gift card from Wendy’s, you must have purchased the new sandwich.

If you do state that you’ve purchased the sandwich, you’ll then have to answer approximately nine pages of questions related to the Crispy Dill Chicken Sandwich, and then there will be one page of questions about yourself. Finally, the last page is where you will enter your name and mailing address, so Wendy’s can mail you the gift card.

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