Free Bayer Contour Kit

Free Bayer Contour KitIf you are in the market for a new glucose USB meter, Bayer is offering the chance to get one. Glucose meters check the amount of glucose in your blood. Normally they are used by people who suffer from diabetes or hypoglycemia.

First, enter code “300” no quote marks. If that doesn’t work, click the link below. You will then sign up for a Contour kit, which appears to include the Contour USB glucose meter. Enter your mailing information, including a phone number.

Also include the meter you are using now, if you are using one. Inform them of how many times you check your glucose and also how you get your supplies. There are a few more statements to answer. Finally enter your birth date and submit.

You will be taken to a “Thank You” page after submission. You will receive the kit  in 10-14 days. The glucose meter is included.

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