Free J.R. Watkins Lotion

Free J.R. Watkins LotionIf you want soft, smooth skin, try J.R. Watkins Hand & Body Lotion. Julie, an Independent Watkins Consultant, posted on Craigslist that she’s giving away free samples for you to try before you buy. You can choose from four scents: Aloe & Green Tea, Lemon Cream, Lavender or Grapefruit.

To get your free J.R. Watkins Lotion sample, reply to Julie’s ad on Craigslist by clicking the reply button located at the top of her post. In your reply, state your full name, address and the scent you’d like to try. Read her entire post to find out how you can also be entered in a contest to win a Bath & Body Kit (or gift certificate).

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