Free NeilMed NasaDock

Free NeilMed NasaDockIf you suffer from sinusitis and love NeilMed products, you may be interested in this free sample. If you use NeilMed products, they are offering a free NasaDock. A NeilMed NasaDock will hold the products you use to drain your sinuses.

To get your free NeilMed NasaDock, you must like their Facebook fan page. Then you click the Request button to begin the process to get your free NeilMed NasaDock. There is another button to click. Fill out the form with your name, mailing information and email address. Also select which NeilMed products you use. There are 17 slides to view. You will be tested on these. There is a video you must watch. It’s 55 seconds long. You may want to pause the slides to watch. The next slide is another video. It’s more like a commercial, but no information is provided. It’s about one minute and 33 seconds. The slideshow will move on while it’s playing if you decide to watch.

Next is the quiz. You have to get an 18 out of 20 to receive a free NeilMed Dock. Click the button to take the quiz. The next page asks for your mailing information again and select your sample. It has 20 questions, and you are given the option to change your answer if you choose wrong as long as you do not click to continue. A box will appear if you have chosen incorrectly. Once you have completed the quiz, you get your score. You can get a 20 out of 20 if you change your selections before clicking to continue. There is no mention of when you will receive your free NeilMed NasaDock, but they delivered their previous free sample in 6-8 weeks.

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