Free Universal Supplement Samples

Free Universal Supplement SamplesUniversal Nutrition, the makers of Shock Therapy and Real Gains, is offering a free sample of those products. Shock Therapy offers you energy to help you during your workout. Real Gains provides you with great nutrition to help you gain muscle.

To get your free Universal Supplement samples, fill out the form. Enter your name, mailing information and email address. You must also include a phone number. Then select the product you would like to sample, Shock Therapy or Real Gains. Your age and gender are also required. There are a couple of survey questions to answer. They are about where you purchase supplements and if you have used Universal supplements in the past.

You must also enter the CAPTCHA code. If you would like emails from Universal, check the box. Submit the form. The next page takes you to a video. There is no mention that your form was submitted successfully. You should receive your free Universal Supplement samples in 4-6 weeks.

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