Free Nikwax BaseFresh

Free Nikwax BaseFreshBaseFresh is a deodorizing conditioner from Nikwax. The product prevents odor build-up on outdoor clothing such as technical underwear or wicking clothing. If you’d like to try BaseFresh, Nikwax will send you a free sample, but you must pass a quiz to get the free Nikwax BaseFresh.

To get your free product, you must first sign up. Fill in your name, email address and shipping information. You also must create a password. There are several questions you must answer, such as where did you hear about the quiz; your outdoor activities; favorite outdoor retailer, and favorite outdoor magazines.

You are also signing up for the newsletter, but you can uncheck those boxes. Click to play the web quiz. It’s not easy in the sense that the questions are easy. They are not. But you are given clues and sometimes the answers are obvious. All of the above usually works, and when given options other than Nikwax products, you should choose Nikwax products. See what I mean about obvious? And you can check your answers. If they are incorrect, you can change them. ;)

Once you are sure about your answers, click submit. If you pass the quiz, you will get the free Nikwax BaseFresh. To keep getting other free Nikwax products, you can take the quiz again in two months. For more chances to win more product quickly, share the quiz with your friends. There is a space where your friends can enter your email address, and if three friends refer you, you get another chance to win Nikwax products before the two-month limit. If you’ve previously requested free Nikwax products, there’s no need to sign up again. Instead, just log in to your account to begin the quiz.

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