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Free Sample Of WallpaperFarrow & Ball have some delightful paint and wallpaper. They pride themselves on providing homes with quality wallpaper. If you are in the market for redecorating your room(s) with wallpaper, get free samples from Farrow & Ball from the United Kingdom. They do have showrooms in the United States.

On their sample page, you are allowed to choose up to five samples of wallpaper. You can choose paint for samples, but it will cost you. They give you a large amount of choices of wallpaper to choose from. Note that if your choices weigh over 27 kg (about 60 pounds), you will be charged. But I highly doubt it will weigh that much.

Once you have chosen your selections, you must create an account with shipping information, including your telephone number and email address. Since you are receiving samples, your credit card information is not needed. After you give your shipping information, you are all set.

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