Free Birthday Gifts for Your Child

Free Birthday Gifts for Your ChildToys “R” Us has a special club for children called Geoffrey’s Birthday Club. It’s free for you to sign your child up, and by doing so, your child will receive some exciting freebies on his/her special day.

The free birthday gifts for your child will include a yearly birthday card and gift from Geoffrey until your child reaches the age of 10, a surprise birthday call from Geoffrey (if you choose to participate), and if you take the birthday boy or girl to a Toys “R” Us near or on his/her birthday, he/she will receive extra-special attention, a birthday crown, Geoffrey balloon as well as a personalized announcement broadcast to the entire store. All of these birthday freebies are sure to leave a smile on your child’s sweet face!

To sign your child up for Geoffrey’s Birthday Club, click the “get freebie” button below. Once on the Toys “R” Us site, click the green “Rewards R Us” button. Fill out the form and click “save” when you’re finished. You’ll then be directed to the next page with your member number. Once on that page, click the “Geoffrey’s Birthday Club” link from the top of the page. Finally, click the green “add a child” button and fill out the form with your child’s information.

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