Free Christian Movie for Kids

Free Christian Movie for KidsThe 3-D Animated Tales of Donkey Ollie is a Christian movie for kids. Google, Yahoo and MSN search engines rated it number one for children’s animation. Children will enjoy the musical adventures and inspiring messages!

To request this free Christian movie for kids, click the “get freebie” button below. Once you’ve arrived at the website, complete the request form, and be sure to tick the box next to the text that reads “I would like to request Free DVD’s for my Children’s Group.” Under that text it will ask you for a quantity. Since they don’t give away single copies and have a minimum amount set to giveaway, the only option is 15. That being said, you can always give the extra 14 copies to children’s organizations, teachers, churches, daycare centers, friends and family.

Allow 4-6 weeks for delivery.

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