Try Hasbro’s Simon Swipe

Try Hasbro's Simon SwipeWhen I was a child Simon was one of my favorite games. I spent hours playing that memory game! At first I didn’t do so well, but the more I played it, the better I got. Well, now Hasbro has a new version called Simon Swipe, and they’re looking for testers.

If you’re like me and enjoyed the classic Simon, you’ll probably love Simon Swipe, which is why you should sign up to be a Simon Swipe tester. If you’re chosen as a tester, you’ll receive the game free! Naturally, though, you will probably have to participate in challenges and tell your social media friends about it, but all that would be worth it to get a free game that will entertain you and keep your mind sharp. ;)

Click the “get freebie” button below to learn more about Simon Swipe and to sign up to be a tester. If you’re selected as a Simon Swipe tester, you should be contacted by the end of March 2014.

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