Free Cascade ActionPac

Free Cascade ActionPacLike many dishwasher products, Cascade also states that their products will leave your dishes sparkling clean. If you’ve been disappointed with other brands and want to try Cascade to see if their product is better, head to your local store and buy any Cascade ActionPac with a price of $5.00 or less. Then when you get home, mail the completed mail-in rebate form on the linked page to get your money back, which would make the Cascade ActionPac dishwasher product free.

Along with the mail-in rebate form, send the original UPC from the package and the sales receipt with the Cascade product & price circled. Once Cascade receives all the requested information, they’ll mail you a $5.00 prepaid card that can be used anywhere Visa cards are accepted.

Delivery of the prepaid card may take 6-8 weeks to arrive.

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