Free JB’s Fat Boy Rub Sample

Free JB's Fat Boy Rub SampleJB’s Fat Boy is known for his award-winning rubs that keep grilled and smoked meats juicy and tender. In addition to using the rubs on meat, they’re also great when used as a seasoning for casseroles, vegetables and prepared meat dishes.

Fill in the sample request form to get a free 1 ounce sample of either JB’s Fat Boy Sweet Rub or Premium All Purpose Rub. When filling out the form, be sure to select the rub you want to try.

Because the company gets many free sample requests, you’ll be placed on a waiting list to receive the free JB’s Fat Boy rub sample that you selected. Once the free sample you requested is available, JB’s Fat Boy will send you an email letting you know your sample is on its way. The wait could be several months.

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