Free Cologne Sample

Free Cologne SampleVasquez & Rincon are offering a free sample of the Tropical Breeze Cologne. If you would like to conjure up in people the feeling of sipping cocktails by the ocean while lounging at the beach, then give the fragrance sample a try. Just thinking tropical can make anyone relax.

To get this sample, click the link provided. It will take you to the Tropical Breeze site. Warning! This site plays music, so if you are at work, you might want to turn down your speakers. After getting past the short intro, you will find the link underneath the beach image for a free sample. Click it, and it should open up in a new tab or new window.

Fill out the form with your mailing address, including adding something under the “apt/suite/bldg” part. I just added the abbreviation apt. You also need to identify your gender and your marital status in addition to your birth date. The option to receive more information from Vasquez & Rincon is checked, so if you don’t want to receive anything, you must uncheck the box.

There is one more question. You must answer where you typically buy your cologne. You can choose from a variety of options, including Kohl’s, Walgreens, CVS, and KMart. After making your selection, submit your information, and you will be taken to a “Thanks” page. Your information has been sent.

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