Free Sesame Street Download

Free Sesame Street DownloadSo many of us have experienced Sesame Street. Some as parents; some as kids and some as both kids and parents. One thing is for sure we know how to get to Sesame Street. (Sorry I couldn’t resist.)

Now your children can watch Sesame Street online for free, thanks to iTunes. Just click the link, and you will be taken to the Learn Along With Sesame page. If you choose the “View in iTunes” on your left, you will be taken to a page where you can download all of the episodes at once. If you only want a few, select the episodes from the right side of your screen, and you will be given the chance to download individually.

But wait! There’s more. Would you rather get this download in Spanish? Click the button under “More Seasons” and you can download the Spanish version (Aprende Con Sesame). You will follow the same steps as in English. Then your children can watch Learn Along With Sesame as soon as your download is finished.

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