Free Special K MP3 Music Download

Free Special K MP3 Music DownloadHave you heard the music playing in the Special K commercials? It’s a song by the duo Autumn & Ashlyn. I find it quite catchy. Special K loves it so much, they are offering it as a free Mp3 download.

To get the download, on Special K’s Facebook fan page, click the “Click For Your Free Song” button. You don’t have to like the page, either. The download will start immediately if you have no instructions in place and a fast connection. It is a zipped file.

Locate the file. Unzip it. You do this by right-clicking the file and choosing to extract it. The steps may be different for your computer. If you don’t have the ability to extract it, there are extractors available for free. Do a search with your favorite search engine. Once extracted, double click to start in your favorite player or follow whatever you do to play your music.

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