Free Calvin Klein Perfume Sample

Free Calvin Klein Perfume SampleCalvin Klein is offering a free sample of its Beauty Perfume. I like the bottle of this product. Sadly, we probably won’t receive this sample in a bottle, but it is a pretty bottle. With lily, jasmine and cedarwood among its many notes, this fragrance plays up to its feminine strength. Together, these notes create a light and airy scent. Being a huge fan of light and airy scents, this is one sample I can get behind.

To get this free sample, you have to fill out this really simple form. It has a total of three slots. Just input your name in one slot. Then add your full address in another. Finally, enter your email address.

After you click submit, you are taken to a “Thank You” page. No more information is given. Typically, you will receive the sample in 3-6 weeks.

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