Free FortiFlora Dog Vitamins

Free FortiFlora Dog VitaminsDoes your dog suffer from diarrhea? If so, maybe the Purina FortiFlora vitamins is just what your dog needs. Just sprinkle it on your dog’s food to ensure he or she gets the needed vitamins.

Not sure if the free FortiFlora dog vitamins are what your pet needs? Chesapeake Animal Hospital is currently giving away five free sachet samples. To get your free samples, enter your name, email and mailing address in the form on the Chesapeake Animal Hospital website. Click on “request” below the form to submit your information.

After you submit your information, a small window will pop up asking you to participate in a survey. If you agree to participate in the survey, you should receive your free FortiFlora dog vitamins in a week, and you’ll also receive a free gift. If you choose to skip the survey, you should receive your free samples within three weeks.

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