100% Free Photos From Snapfish

100% Free Photos From SnapfishWhile digital photos are nice, some of us still like having print photos for albums as well as for putting in frames to hang on our walls. Thankfully, Snapfish offers cheap photo prints for those of us who love getting our favorite digital photos as prints, and if you download the Snapfish app from your iPhone, iPad or Android, they’ll give you 100 free photo prints every month.

Usually the free photo prints from Snapfish require that you pay a small shipping fee. While it still comes out to be a great bargain after you pay the shipping fee, it’s still not 100% free. Well, that is until now. Download the free Snapfish app today and you’ll get 100 4×6 photo prints 100% free! That’s right, even the shipping will be free, but you’ll have to enter the promo code during checkout to ensure free shipping. The promo code is SHIPAPP. There’s no mention of an expiration date on this promo code, so it could expire at any time.

Click the “get freebie” button below to find out more about the Snapfish app and to download it. You’ll need an iTunes account to get the app.

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