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Free Photo SampleSometimes it’s a little hard printing photos. I’ve experienced blurry photos and the color has been off. When you find a printer brand that does a decent job, you tend to stick to that brand. But you must go though some lemons to get to that. Canon wants to help by giving you a free photo sample using one of their printers.

First you must sign up with Canon. Enter your address. You must include your email address and phone. Create a password. Then agree to the terms. I highly recommend reading those terms.

You are then given a chance to verify your information in case you made an error. If you did, you are given the opportunity to make changes. Click to continue and you are told an email has been sent to your email address.  Go to your email’s inbox to continue registering. You just need to confirm and make a copy of the activation code, which is located near the bottom of your email.

Once you enter your email and activation code, then you must enter your email and password. You are taken to the Try My Photo page. Choose a printer. Then upload an image. Canon will only accept jpeg files. Make sure your image is at least 200kb in size, but not over 1MB. Finally, select a paper type. If everything works, click submit.

You are given a chance to re-size your photo. Once you complete that, click next. You must verify your shipping information. If everything is correct, click the “My Info Is Correct” button. You are taken to an order confirmation page. You should also receive confirmation via email.


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