Free Postagram Postcard

Free Postagram PostcardWe do love sharing our photos. I stopped counting the number of family, friends and acquaintances who share images on a weekly basis. Postagram wants to help you share by offering a free postcard.

On their Facebook page, click the green button to get started. You must accept the Postagram app. If you are not logged in, log in. You do not have to like their fan page. After clicking the green button, you must choose one of your images you have in one of your photo albums.

After making your selection, make any changes to the image before continuing. After altering the image, click the green button to continue. Choose the recipient of your message. It does not have to be a Facebook friend. Write the message you want your friend to read. Click the green button to continue. Enter your friend’s address.

Click the green button to enter and if you want to get another free Postagram postcard, share on your wall. If you have done so, complete the process again. If not, you are done. You should get a confirmation email sent to the email address affiliated with your Facebook account.

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