Free Celiac Disease Awareness Magnet

Free Celiac Disease Awareness MagnetThose who suffer from Celiac disease are always looking for products that are truly gluten-free. Eating things with gluten prevents them from absorbing nutrients, so knowing products that are free of gluten helps. The National Institute of Diabetes And Digestive and Kidney Diseases is giving away a free magnet that lists gluten-free grains.

To get your free Celiac Disease Awareness magnet, add one to the shopping cart. If you add more, it will cost you. Continue to checkout. On the checkout page, enter your name and mailing information. Also include a daytime phone number. You must include a profession from the list and a setting from the list provided.

Submit your information. You should land on an Order Receipt page. You will receive your free Celiac Disease Awareness Magnet in 3-5 weeks.

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