Free Spy Optics Stickers

Free Spy Optics StickersSunglasses help keep out harmful UV rays that can do damage to your eyes. Just ask Anderson Cooper. The glare from the sun’s reflection on water burned his eyes and he was temporarily blinded. Spy Optics offers sunglasses, goggles and other assorted eyewear, and they want to give you (or your children) free stickers.

Fill out the form to get your free Spy Optics stickers. Enter your name and mailing address. Enter your email address twice. Choose your gender, and enter your birth month and date. If you do not want to receive emails from Spy Optics, uncheck the box. If you do not want to receive those offers in HTML, uncheck the box.

Click to submit. The form will still have your information, but a little note will be added at the top. It just states that you should receive the sticker pack soon.

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