Free Stuff & More From IKEA

As a member of the IKEA Family Program, you’ll receive free stuff from IKEA. One of the freebies is coffee & tea from the restaurant. In addition to freebies, you’ll receive exclusive discounts and members only pricing.

Free Stuff & More From IKEAAfter you register to join the IKEA Family Program, you’ll receive a temporary card. On your next visit to participating IKEA near you, pick up the real card. You may want to call your local IKEA to see if they’re a participant in the IKEA Family Program before you register. Since this is still a fairly new program, not all IKEA stores are participating, but as the program grows, more and more IKEA stores will participate.

Click the “get freebie” button below to head to the IKEA Family Program web page where you’ll register.



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