Free TrackR Locating Device

Free TrackR Locating DeviceHow many times have you lost your keys or other things and wished you had something on them that would help you locate them? The next time you lose something, you can find them easily with the TrackR wireless locating device. The TrackR is the size of a coin, and you can attach it to your keys or any other item that you frequently misplace. Then next time you lose that item, the TrackR will help you find it.

To use the TrackR, you must have one of these mobile devices: iPhone 4s or later, iPad with Retina Display or later, or the Android 4.4 with Bluetooth 4.0. Once you receive the TrackR, download the TrackR app to one of the aforementioned mobile devices, and when you misplace the item that you put the TrackR on, the app causes the item with the TrackR to ring.

To learn more about the TrackR and request a free TrackR locating device, click the “get freebie” button below.

Hurry, quantities are limited!

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