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Free Samples Year-Round From P&GIf you are like me, you know that locating free stuff on the Internet is time-consuming. You never know when the sample has expired or even if you will be eligible for it. Any website that consistently gives free samples is heaven-sent!

But is there such a place? Yes P&G Everyday Samples! Every quarter they offer a few samples and coupons to all who have signed up. This month’s offerings include Downy, Crest, and Tide.

What to do? Well, you fill out your address information, then set up your account with security questions and passwords. After you submit that information, pick your samples and coupons, and click submit. You will have to verify your shipping address, and then after submitting, you should get the notification that your package is on the way. Then check back next quarter for your next set of new free samples from P&G Everyday!

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