Why is it taking so long to get my free sample?

There are several instance as to why you did not get your free sample, let’s focus on the top two. While we do strive to get the information about a new free sample to you in a timely manner, sometimes that is not always the case. When that happens, the company may have met their limit but have not yet pulled the free sample form. Also, certain samples are extremely popular, and it could take up to 3 months to receive your free sample.

Why do I have to use my Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest or other social media account?

The short answer is because that is the requirement. The long answer is companies have learned the value of word-of-mouth advertising. They can bombard you all day with advertisements, but people only give something a try if someone else they know recommend it. Since a lot of us have a Facebook page, they are now using social media to get into more homes.

Why is my phone number and/or email address required?

Companies want to continue to keep you updated on new products and offers. They also know that a person who enjoyed the free sample may want more so a phone call a few weeks after you have received the free sample may occur. As long as it’s not required, you don’t have to enter the information.